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Our goal is simple: collaborate with quality partners to deliver the highest-quality product.


Creative Development

We take pride in being fully invested in every project we take on. 


You can consider us a strategic partner and valuable asset to your content ideation and planning.

We strongly believe in the power of collaboration. Let's hop on Zoom, Teams, Meet - wherever you prefer to get the creative juices flowing.

What we do:

  • concept development

  • storyboarding

  • scripting

  • copywriting

  • treatments

  • deliverable scheduling



Depending on the scope of your project we can cater our production crew footprint to fit your needs.

Whether we’re using our full commercial team or our award winning micro crews we have you covered.

Shooting in Miami? We got you. Shooting in the LA? We got you.

Shooting on Mars? Let’s call Elon.

What we do:

  • locations

  • casting

  • production gear

  • full production crew

  • directing

  • producing

  • client liason

  • talent liason



The magic. The final touch.


Where all that prep and pretty footage from set comes to life.


We don’t want to leave you after the creative or after our shoot! Unless you prefer, that's ok.

We love sticking around and handling post as well.

Keeping the edit in-house with us at TGS Film after the shoot creates a more cohesive story and a smoother collaboration process.

What we do:

  • editing

  • final color mix

  • sound mix

  • foley

  • voice over and animation

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